About Marco

I worked as a software developer, system designer, support engineer, development manager and various other roles in IT. I ended up looking after 150 people, travelling between offices all over Europe, being super stressed and thoroughly miserable.

At the start of 2019 I quit my job and retrained as an English foreign language teacher. I'm now living and travelling through Latin America with my partner, Mrs Wench. I'm working online, and we're both trying to remember to look at the scenery.

I'm a Scot in my 50s and probably too old for this shit. But I don't care - it sure as hell beats the rat race in London, and teaching is an honest profession.  I'm broke but I'm happy 👍🏻

About Sarah

After a successful 15-year career as an award-winning UK print and online journalist and Editor, Mrs Wench also found herself looking for a change of pace.  She also had a yen to see more of the world than the inside of an office!

She's in her 40s, and also decided to train as an EFL teacher.

She lists her hobbies as travel, scuba, dancing, Zumba, music, festivals and boxing (so don't mess with her). She did a spell as an English teacher years back in Germany, so has a head start. 

Unlike me, she enjoys eating dead animals, so it's likely that all (certainly all the best!) food/restaurant reviews here will be hers.

The Teaching Stuff

Note: If you're looking for the free teaching resources section of the site, I broke it out and moved it.  This blog focuses on travel, although will have some teaching thoughts. My teaching and other resources have now moved to my site over at Open Argot.

If you have any questions about my privacy policy check out this page.

Where Are We Now?

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