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I use Wix and Unsplash stock images. Most of the original images on this site are my own, although I do use free and by-attribution images. Where required I'll attribute them below.  Images from other contributors may also be used with their permission.

All my photos are shot with an iPhone X (iPhone 12 Pro from November 2020).  They are minimally retouched - cropped and levels, and tweaked for size mainly.  


Some photos or videos may come from Mrs Wench - if I forget to credit her, please let me know. My life is difficult enough 😜

Videos are recorded on iPhone or GoPro and edited in iMovie. 


I post on Instagram and photos there may be embedded on the site. I've also got my Instagram feed here.

This site is a fun project which lets me write, review, and talk about things, people and experiences I come across. As far as I'm aware, all non-original material is in the public domain or used appropriately. If you feel this isn't the case please contact me to discuss.

Using My Stuff

If you want to make use of my content, please drop me an email to ask permission first. As a guide: I'm happy with non-profits, but more circumspect about businesses. 

Any use needs a source reference and a dofollow backlink. For more information and details check out my media kit.  I'm especially happy to hear from/collaborate with other teachers, and other travellers.

I'm open to doing guest posts too, if you like my writing style.

Guest Posts

Adonis over at Always Wanderlust invited me to write a post about my experience as a Gringo In La Paz.

Other Folks' Stuff

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  • For my videos, I've used some public domain audio clips from Free PD - thanks guys.

  • I also used some from YouTube sound library


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