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Updated: Feb 18

As Mrs Wench and I are doing more teaching, and having more success with students, I've decided to change the focus of this site.

From now on, Jocks Away! will be purely run as a travel blog, with possibly a few teaching notes or comments.

The new teaching site is called Open Argot. It's a big adventure for us; we've been brainstorming ideas and all kinds of things over the last few weeks. We want a site which can attract online work, as well as somewhere private students can be referred to.

A place where we can make English language resources available free for students and the internet at large. Somewhere we can both call home, even potentially add other teachers in future.

In the meantime you're welcome to swing by and have a look, 'Like' our Facebook page, or pass the details on to anyone you know who may be looking for an English as a Foreign Language teacher. I'm particularly interested in anyone who needs coaching on business and job interviews in English.

Cheers 👍🏻


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